Welcome to Parker Farms.

Treatment-Free Beekeeping for All

I am committed to educating beekeepers, young and old, new and....old, in how to keep bees in a treatment-free way which eliminates dependence on chemicals, pesticides, antibiotics, and other nasty stuff found in commercial honey supplies today.  I'm also committed to eliminating dependence on the back breaking and time and energy intensive manipulations that have come to be a part of beekeeping which many are indoctrinated in to thinking they must do to keep their bees alive.

What I'm trying to do here is not tell you how things must be done, but to show you how I know for a fact can be done successfully.  It is my goal over time to try out as many differing methods as possible and to write about them for you.

If you have a specific question about beekeeping, read some of my articles to the left.  If you still need some help, feel free to email me and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.  If you're local to Northwest Arkansas, check the Products page to see if there's anything available you might like to buy.  At times I have queens, nucs, wax, and maybe some other things.  I am in the process of moving to the greater Denver, Colorado area at this time, so queen and nuc production are on hold.

On the blog, I usually upload a picture of what the home yard looks like with every post. Here, I just upload the most recent one I have whenever I get a chance.  This one was taken in February 2014 during our fifth (er something) snow.  This winter has provided more snow events and very cold weather events than any winter since I have lived here.  It is very trying even for my bees which have survived with less than 10% losses for several years.  I have lost no less than six hives already this winter. 

Most Recent Picture of my Home Yard

September 2014:  I have started a Facebook group now in case you are tired of discussing beekeeping who see no other way to do things than by treating.  I have gotten a lot of abuse from the treating crowd and it's nice to have a safe space to talk about how to do this.

Attention:  This website is still under construction. 
Most things are working, but not everything leads to a destination yet.